Kodiak’s best shooters gather for inaugural precision rifle competition

Sr Chief Bowes and his spotter wore our Advanced Combat Shirt in a recent precision rifle competition in Kodiak, Alaska. Read about it in the article below (originally published by the Kodiak Daily Mirror on Jun 27).

Brady Post accepts his first-place trophy from Josh Harris during the awards ceremony for the inaugural Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition on Sunday, June 24, 2012 in the Golden Anchor. Tom Bowes is seen in the background. (James Brooks photo)

Dave Ostlund, a NRA marksmanship instructor and director of the Kodiak Military History Museum, carries a century-old rifle during the Run and Gun competition Saturday, June 23, 2012 at Salonie Creek Rifle Range during the Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition. (James Brooks photo)

Jason Humphreys peers through the scope of his rifle before he takes the field during the Run and Gun competition Saturday, June 23, 2012 at Salonie Creek Rifle Range during the Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition. (James Brooks photo)

John Wyszkowski takes aim at a target from a kneeling position during the Run and Gun competition Saturday, June 23, 2012 at Salonie Creek Rifle Range during the
Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition. (James Brooks photo)

John Wyszkowski takes aim at a target from a sitting position during the Run and Gun competition Saturday, June 23, 2012 at Salonie Creek Rifle Range during the
Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition. (James Brooks photo)

Keifer Bowes raises a target for shooters during the Run and Gun competition Saturday, June 23, 2012 at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range. (James Brooks photo)

Participants in the inaugural Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition sign a commemorative T-Shirt Sunday, June 24, 2012 in the Golden Anchor. (James Brooks photo)

Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer Tom Bowes explains the Run and Gun competition Saturday, June 23, 2012 at Salonie Creek Rifle Range during the Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition. (James Brooks photo)

A range official keeps track of competitors during the Run and Gun competition Saturday, June 23, 2012 at Salonie Creek Rifle Range during the Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition. (James Brooks photo)

Kodiak learned an important lesson last weekend: Don’t mess with Brady Post.The Coast Guard C-130 mechanic and one-year Kodiak resident outshot 27 of Kodiak’s best marksmen to win the inaugural Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition.“I was really surprised,” Post said Sunday night during the competition’s awards ceremony at Coast Guard Base Kodiak.Before he hoisted his two-foot trophy, however, he had to run and shoot his way through a tough two- day set of courses set up by Senior Chief Petty Officer Tom Bowes and Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua Harris.Bowes said he spent “hundreds of hours” since November lining up sponsors, competitors and creating events for a weekend of precision shooting.The “Run and Gun” course at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range was one.

Under Saturday’s brilliant sunshine, Harris counted down for competitors: “Ready, ready … go,” he shouted over and over as competitors, one at a time, took timed shots from a variety of shooting positions — standing, sitting, and kneeling with support and without.

Between each position was a 20-yard dash that left shooters with pounding hearts and sweat-streaked backs. Between each shot — and there was only one allowed at each position — competitors had less than 30 seconds to squash through the range’s marshy field and steady themselves for the next round.

Behind the spray-painted starting line, participants peered through spotting scopes as Victor Wyszkowski ran down the field alongside Harris, who carried a stopwatch.

“I haven’t done anything like this in a while,” said Wyszkowski, who works as an instructor at Kodiak’s Naval Special Warfare training center.

That was a sentiment shared by most of the shooters at the weekend’s events.

Traditional marksmanship and target practice involves a stationary rest and a stationary shooter. Precision rifle competitions, which are held across the United States, emphasize practical shooting under conditions not normally found at a traditional range.

Many of the Kodiak competitors said they had seen ads for competitions but never had the opportunity to go because of their distance from Kodiak.

Bowes and Harris saw the same thing and decided to do something about it.

“We figured we’re up here … and there’s nothing like this,” Bowes said.

In addition to the Run and Gun, Bowes and Harris drew up events like the “Heartbreaker,” which forced competitors to run up and down a firing line between a can of bullets and a firing position.

The competitors and their weapons were as varied as the events. Coast Guardsmen dominated the field of 28, but civilians also participated, as did a team from the U.S. Navy.

The weapons ranged from Post’s brand-new AR-15 to a century-old rifle carried by Kodiak Military History Museum director Dave Ostlund.

“You had your $3,000 rifles out there, all the way down to daddy’s hunting rifle,” Bowes said.

In all events, precision was key. Chicken eggs were a target in one event. In the Run and Gun, shooters fired at a paper target covered by three printed human heads: one “terrorist” and two “hostages.”

Hit the hostages and you lose points. Hit the terrorist target area — a triangle no more than four inches wide — and you gain points.

“I’ve felt better on other stages,” Wyskowski said when asked how well he shot the tough target.

On Sunday night, Post had a wide grin as he accepted the award for first prize in the Run and Gun, an honor that helped him win first prize overall.

Post served in a Marine Corps force reconnaissance company until an ankle injury sidelined him in 1995 and he transferred to the Coast Guard.

“It was really neat to go back to the way (that) feels,” he said.

Post said he has never participated in a Run and Gun competition or had much opportunity to shoot moving targets — another event he won — but he would relish another opportunity.

Whether he will get that chance is questionable. Bowes said he hopes someone else will take charge of next year’s events, since he doesn’t have the time to do it again.

Regardless of whether the precision rifle competition returns, Bowes said it was worthwhile.

“This was a different door that was opened in their shooting abilities,” he said. “They really found their limitations and where they excelled.”

Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition Results

  1. Brady Post
  2. Steven Brown
  3. Zachary Painter
  4. Jason Humphreys
  5. Kristian Sather
  6. Shawn Callis
  7. Samuel Loska
  8. Michael Simone
  9. Benjamin Latimer
  10. David Ostlund
  11. George Best
  12. Bryan Ramstead
  13. Matthew Hilton
  14. Joshua Alder
  15. Jesse Glamann
  16. Edmond Cumplido
  17. Todd Hubert
  18. Jeremy Ballard
  19. Victor Wyszokowski
  20. Thomas Campbell
  21. Neil Horn
  22. Tamara Abler
  23. George White
  24. Robert Fielder
  25. William Lounsbery
  26. Brian West
  27. Adam Smude
  28. Sean Thomas
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Potomac Field Gear proudly launches its new website

New features include:

  • Discount Program for active members of the US military
  • Improved online store with better navigation
  • Updated overall design
  • Increased ease of maneuverability
  • Quicker load times
  • More compatible with a variety of modern web browsers
  • Social media links in the header and footer of every page

If you know of any way we can improve our new site, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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The ADCS, Gen II – The Construction

The construction of all PFG products is built with studied purpose.  We pay close attention to details and tailor or system to the scenarios the wearers will face in the field.  We also utilize feedback and make refinements as we move forward with our products.  Take a look at the Advanced Combat Shirt below.  I addressed the spacer system in a previous post.

The little details:

  • Zippered Arm Bellow Pockets – 7.5″ wide x 8″ tall x 1.75″ deep.
  • Knit insert underarm for better fit and improved ventilation.
  • Anti-Abrasion elbow pads.
  • Spiral note pad and pen sized forearm pocket.
  • Hook and Loop cuffs for size adjustment.

Over-engineered stitching to ensure comfort, performance and garments that do not unravel:

  • Cover Stitch hemmed for stretch.  The Cover Stitch Hem is used on sports wear because limited stretch and safety seams prevents unravel ling.
  • Bar Tack on cover stitch hem and all stress seams to prevent raveling.  Nothing is stronger – it is the same stitch used on climbing harnesses and firefighter’s gear.

A design that is tailored to the wearer:

  • A fitted body design with tapered side seams that shapes to the waist for a better fit.  Most t-shirt manufacturers produce their shirts out of a seamless tube -like a prewoven sock.  The primary reason = it is cheaper.  So, why are we different?  We could save pennies on construction, but our goal is a more comfortable fit.
  • Padded Mandarin Collar – removing the gun-sling chaffing.
  • Sewed in Circle collar for a better fit.  Rib collar for a finished edge that holds up with extended use without puckering.
  • Tagless label in back neck opening.
  • Longer length for stay-tucked performance.
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The ADCS, Gen II – The Spacer Panels (system of systems)

The true genius behind the Potomac Field Gear Advanced Combat Shirt (ADCS) – as awesome as we believe it to be – is the removable spacer panels in the front, back, shoulder, neck, and elbow regions of the garment.

So it has padding, what is that all about?  Glad you asked.

The ADCS’s panels have three performance features of note.

Thermal Regulation.

The Spacer panel provides a gap of separation between the body and the body armor or ported gear for breathability, area for sweat to wick and move for increased thermal regulation, and greater comfort.

Weight Distribution.

The Spacer compresses under the body armor weight at contact points and distributes the load. This provides a weight balanced spread – effectively reducing load bearing stress, bruising and chaffing and increasing comfort.

Backface Deformation

Backface Deformation.

The Spacer has been verified through HP White Labs to reduce backface deformation by up to 30%. This reduction diminishes lethality, broken bones, and bruising for greater survivability and post-impact recovery.

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The ADCS, Gen II – The Advanced Protective Fabric (materials)

Advanced Combat Shirt, Gen. II

The most cutting edge combat shirt available today.

The ADCS (Advanced Combat Shirt) Generation II by Potomac Field Gear was built from the ground up with the soldier in mind.  From a cursory glance, sans any body armor, it looks like a frankenstein assemblage of the traditional combat shirt (sleeve and collar) with a color coordinated performance t-shirt in the body region (something a lot of the deployed special forces units were getting done themselves in early Gulf action.)  But the small bulk added to the body of the tee lets you know there is a little more than pecs at work.  What is that?  Why, it’s technology at work.

The ADCS is one of the most advanced combat shirts in the market today (and that is not just a play on the name).  It is constructed from our proprietary Advanced Protective Fabric.  That means the garment has the following inherited properties (in the materials alone):

Advanced Protective Fabric Characteristics

Fire Resistant

Garment will self-extinguish once the source of ignition is removed – certified as non-melt and non-drip. Check out this burn test video.

Advanced Moisture Management

APF scored a very high 1855 on Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate testing – comparable to Under Armour®’s Heat Gear.


X-Static technology dramatically reduces the warrior’s body odor and destroys a wide variety of harmful bacteria including Corynebacterium Diphtheriae, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Klebsiella Pneumoniae and Staphylococcus Aureus. This technology is effective for the life of the garment.


The fabric can take a 5,000 volt charge and decay it to 500 volts in .01 second – enhancing the wearer’s safety in explosive, fuel-rich environments and protects equipment in sensitive electronic environments.

UV Protective

The fabric helps protect against prolonged UV radiation exposure from the sun.

And that… is just the garment material it is built from…

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Operation Patriot Care Package – Fox News ‘Hannity’ Exclusive

Potomac Field Gear participated in this effort to support our troops in Iraq over the holidays.

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2010 Out-Shooting the Competition

Fort Benning, GA – October 13-15, 2010 – The International Sniper Competition wrapped up 72 hours of intense 2-man team competition (with only 4 hours of rest allowed to participating teams).   The two man team consists of a spotter (who helps identify the target) and shooter.  The competition focused on the sniper stalk and urban shooting, orienteering exercises, firing under stressful conditions, and other tests of marksmanship and sniper skills.  The teams were divided into 2 categories, service class (fired 7.62 mm or smaller rounds as a primary or secondary weapon system) and open class (teams fired rounds in a caliber larger than 7.62 mm).

32 teams participated – including 7 foreign, 3 law enforcement, and 22 US military teams.  The final outcome had Team 6 in first place – MSG Eric Turk / MSG Eric Ross – US Special Operations Command. Best Ranger 2010 Team Rankings. “It feels pretty doggone good to be able to walk out with the trophy today,” Turk said.

So what is the tie to PFG?  Turk and Ross were both wearing Potomac Field Gear!

Competition Overview.

Day 1 – 4-mile buddy run, 250-m swim, 3-mile run to urban obstacle course, weapons skills event, buddy run, spot jump, 13-mile road march.

Day 2 – rappelling, rope climbs, first aid, hand grenades, weapons skills challenges, overnight orienteering course.

Day 3 – mile-long obstacle course, raft construction – then dropped with raft from a helicopter into a pond, shore swim, water confidence test, canoe race and run to finish line.

Over 60-miles covered in 3 days without sleep and little food intake…

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Special Forces Soldiers win international sniper competition wearing Potomac Field Gear’s Advanced Combat Shirt GEN I

Sergeants 1st Class Chance Giannelli, left, and Edward Homeyer, both Special Forces Sniper School instructors assigned to the 1st Special Warfare Training Group here, outlasted numerous other teams to earn the first place overall and in the service category at the annual International Sniper Competition at Fort Benning, Ga. Oct. 11 through 14.

Read the full story > | Check out the Advanced Combat Shirt >

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Potomac Field Gear Sponsors Wilderness Challenge 2006

Potomac Field Gear was named as a sponsor for the Wilderness Challenge 2006. The event is hosted by the US Navy MWR Mid Atlantic region, attracts teams from all branches of the US military to compete in some of the most rugged terrain and steepest rivers in the Eastern United States. The grueling two day event tests team skills in six different events: white water rafting, duckie races, white water swimming, mountain biking, mountain hiking, and mountain running. Each competitor was awarded a Potomac Field Gear Light Weight Short Sleeve Shirt made from Advanced Protective Fabric.

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Potomac Field Gear is Rated #1 by the Army Times

C. Mark Brinkley | Army Times

Potomac Field Gear was rated the number one fire resistant shirt in the field by the Army Times. The Army Times evaluated the shirts using six different criteria and Potomac Field Gear scored a 9.2 on a scale of 10.

Read the full story >

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