Terms of Use

Product availability

Though we strive to keep our website stock information as up-to-date as possible, we cannot guarantee the immediate availability of all products as some items may be out of stock from time to time. We’ll contact you if you place an order for such a product to let you know approximately when it will be available and we’ll give you the option to either cancel your order or proceed with it.

Typographical errors

We strive to make every piece of information on our website as accurate as we can. In the event that an ordered product is listed with incorrect pricing or other information due to a typographical error, we reserve the right to cancel any order placed for such a product. However, typically, if we find out that this has happened, we’ll contact you using the information you provided during our online checkout process to notify you of the error and give you the option to cancel your order or proceed with it.

Promotions and discounts

All promotions and discounts are subject to their respective policies. If, for any reason, we find you aren’t eligible for a discount or promotion that was applied to any order, we reserve the right to cancel it. We also reserve the right to revise these policies at any time.