The ADCS, Gen II – The Construction

The construction of all PFG products is built with studied purpose.  We pay close attention to details and tailor or system to the scenarios the wearers will face in the field.  We also utilize feedback and make refinements as we move forward with our products.  Take a look at the Advanced Combat Shirt below.  I addressed the spacer system in a previous post.

The little details:

  • Zippered Arm Bellow Pockets – 7.5″ wide x 8″ tall x 1.75″ deep.
  • Knit insert underarm for better fit and improved ventilation.
  • Anti-Abrasion elbow pads.
  • Spiral note pad and pen sized forearm pocket.
  • Hook and Loop cuffs for size adjustment.

Over-engineered stitching to ensure comfort, performance and garments that do not unravel:

  • Cover Stitch hemmed for stretch.  The Cover Stitch Hem is used on sports wear because limited stretch and safety seams prevents unravel ling.
  • Bar Tack on cover stitch hem and all stress seams to prevent raveling.  Nothing is stronger – it is the same stitch used on climbing harnesses and firefighter’s gear.

A design that is tailored to the wearer:

  • A fitted body design with tapered side seams that shapes to the waist for a better fit.  Most t-shirt manufacturers produce their shirts out of a seamless tube -like a prewoven sock.  The primary reason = it is cheaper.  So, why are we different?  We could save pennies on construction, but our goal is a more comfortable fit.
  • Padded Mandarin Collar – removing the gun-sling chaffing.
  • Sewed in Circle collar for a better fit.  Rib collar for a finished edge that holds up with extended use without puckering.
  • Tagless label in back neck opening.
  • Longer length for stay-tucked performance.

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